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Single-pole 230V circuit breaker

TE UNI 226

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• TE UNI 226, impulse relay 16A • With 1 potential-free NO contact. • Flush mounting in a junction box. • Its output contact changes state each time its coil is supplied with power through the push button. That is to say, one push closes its contact and the next push opens it. • High load capacity. Suitable for all types of loads: LEDs, fluorescence, PLs,... • No noise level, Silent. • Examples of applications: hotel or hospital rooms, homes, corridors, etc.
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Technical characteristics TE UNI 226

Product reference TE UNI 226
Power Supply (V) 230V
Frequency (Hz) 50
Switching capacity (A) 16A
LED lamps load (W) 600 W
Incandescent and Halogen 230V (W) 3200 W
12V Halogen with electronic transformer (W) 3200 W
Fluorescent lamps load(W) 1300 W
Admits contactor Yes
Zero crossing point Yes
Lighted pushbuttons Hasta 3 (hasta 10 con AC DM- 003)
Voltage-free contacts Yes
Coil consumption On operation: 0VA; On pulse: 50mW
Minimum impulse time (sec) 0.05
Minimum time between impulse 0.1 sec (maximum 20 per minute)
Room temperature (ºC) (min) -20
Room temperature (ºC) (max) 45

Dimensions TE UNI 226

Installation TE UNI 226

Documents TE UNI 226


Width (mm) 61
Depth (mm) 32
Height (mm) 19
Weight (g)
Unit EAN 8422447018219


Type of packaging BX
Packing unit 10
Packing width (mm)
Packing depth (mm)
Packing height (mm)
Gross packing weight (kg) 0,0304