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The KNX IP Secure Router enables the forwarding of telegrams between different lines via a LAN (IP) network as a fast backbone. Furthermore, this device is suitable for connecting a PC to the KNX network, e.g. for ETS programming. The device supports KNX Security which can be activated in the ETS. As Router Secure, the device allows the coupling of an unsecured communication in KNX TP to a secure IP backbone. In addition, for the interface functionality (tunneling), KNX security prevents unauthorised access. The IP address can be obtained by a DHCP server or manually configured (ETS). This device works according to the KNXnet/IP specification using the core, the device management, the tunneling and the routing part. The KNX IP Secure Router has an extended filter table for the main group 0..31 and can store up to 150 telegrams. Power is supplied via the KNX bus.
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Technical characteristics CO KNT IPR

Product reference CO KNT IPR
Power by the KNX BUS (Vcc) 29
Consumption 20mA
Power Supply (V) 29Vcc
Relative humidity % 5% .. 93%
Minimum Storage Temperature (ºC) (min) -25
Maximum Storage Temperature (ºC) (max) 70
Installation DIN rail with 1 TE (18 mm)
Minimum Working Temperature (ºC) (min) -5
Maximum Working Temperature (ºC) (max) 45
Protection Level IP20 according to EN60529
According with Directives EMC 2014 / 30 / UE; RoHS 2011 / 65 / UE
According to the Standard EN 63044-3: 2018; EN 50491-5-1: 2010EN; 50491-5-2: 2010EN; 50491-5-3: 2010EN; EN 61000-6-2: 2005EN; 61000-6-3: 2007 +A1: 2011; EN 63000: 2018


Width (mm) 18
Depth (mm) 60
Height (mm) 90
Weight (g) 40
Unit EAN 8422447017915


Type of packaging
Packing unit
Packing width (mm)
Packing depth (mm)
Packing height (mm)
Gross packing weight (kg) 0,05

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