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2-channel KNX-RF switching/blind actuator with 4 inputs

PE K5X 001

193,85€ PVR


KNX-RF S-Mode Wireless 1-channel Switching Actuator: · 2-channel Switching Actuator. · 1-channel Blind/Shutter Actuator. If it is configured as 2-channel Switch Actuator, the following functions are available in each channel: Timer, Preset value, Scene control, Logical functions, Forzed and Threshold function. If it is configured as 1-channel Blinds/Shutters Actuator, the following alarms and functions are available: Wind alarm, Rain alarm, Frost alarm, Sun Protection function, Scene control and Forzed function. Incorporates 4 Analog/Digital inputs, which can be configured independently, through the ETS: · Digital inputs (binary): allows the connection of a pushbutton, switch or conventional binary sensor, free-voltage contact. · Analog inputs: allows the connection of a temperature probe (ST KNT 001 or ST KNT 002). In addition, it allows enabling and configuring up to 4 independent Cooling or Heating Thermostats. Programming and commissioning via ETS5 or later version.
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Technical characteristics PE K5X 001

Product reference PE K5X 001
Power Supply (V) 230VCA
Frequency (Hz) 50
Consumption < 2mA
Output channels 2
Switching capacity (A) 16
Type of load 2 Switch or 1 Blind channels
LED lamps load (W) 400
Incandescent and Halogen 230V (W) 3000
12V Halogen with electronic transformer (W) 3000
Halogen lamps with ferromagnetic trafo (W 500
Motores (VA) 700
Maximum current input 1/10VDC (mA) 0
Maximum Number of Equipments 0
Contacts Voltage-free
Binary/Analogic Inputs 4
Installation Surface Ceiling
Module number 1
Control KNX-RF or wired pushbutton
Programming by ETS5 o posterior
Compatible with KNX-RF System Mode
Radiofrequency 868,3MHz
Maximum coverage (m) 100
Connection terminals Captive Screws
Cable section (mm2) 2.5
Minimum Storage Temperature (ºC) (min) -30
Maximum Storage Temperature (ºC) (max) 70
Minimum Working Temperature (ºC) (min) -5
Maximum Working Temperature (ºC) (max) 45
Protection Level IP20 , UNE 20324

Documents PE K5X 001


Width (mm) 120
Depth (mm) 35
Height (mm) 53
Weight (g)
Unit EAN 8422447016987


Type of packaging BX
Packing unit
Packing width (mm) 131
Packing depth (mm) 86
Packing height (mm) 56
Gross packing weight (kg) 0,115

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