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1-channel RLC+LED dimming actuator

RE KNT 000

187,36€ PVR


Universal Dimming Actuator for: · Incandescence and 230V Halogen lamps. · LV Halogen lamp with ferromagnetic transformer. · LV Halogen lamp with electronic transformer. · Dimmable 230V LED lamps. · Dimmable 12V~ LED lamps (electronic transformer). · Dimmable Compact Fluorescent lamps. Leading or Trailing edge dimming technology. 1 channel with a maximum load capacity of 1.000W. Optional manual dimming control by built-in potentiometer (even without bus connection). Protected against overloads and short-circuits. Built-in resettable heating protection. Modular installation device. DIN-rail mounting. 5-modules wide. Anti-panic input for safety systems: disabling this input, the lamps will turn on to the maximum brightness ignoring the dimming. Programming and commissioning by ETS3 or later version.
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Technical characteristics RE KNT 000

Product reference RE KNT 000
Power Supply (V) 230VCA
Frequency (Hz) 50
Consumption 3,9mA
Output channels 1
Type of load LED lamps, Incandescent and Halogens
Dimmable 230V LED lamps (leading edge) 7W ~ 300W
Dimmable 230V LED lamps (trailing edge) 7W ~ 1000W
Dimmable 12V LED lamps with electronic transformer 900VA
Incandescent and Halogen 230V (W) 1000
12V Halogen with electronic transformer (W) 1000
Halogen lamps with ferromagnetic trafo (W 800
Motores (VA) 0
Maximum current input 1/10VDC (mA) 0
Maximum Number of Equipments 0
Binary/Analogic Inputs 0
Installation DIN Rail
Module number 5
Control KNX Bus
Programming by ETS3 o posterior
Compatible with KNX
Connection terminals Captive Screws
Cable section (mm2) 6
Minimum Storage Temperature (ºC) (min) -30
Maximum Storage Temperature (ºC) (max) 70
Minimum Working Temperature (ºC) (min) -5
Maximum Working Temperature (ºC) (max) 45
Protection Level IP20 , UNE 20324

Installation RE KNT 000


Width (mm) 87.5
Depth (mm) 65
Height (mm) 90
Weight (g)
Unit EAN 8422447013870


Type of packaging BX
Packing unit
Packing width (mm) 93
Packing depth (mm) 92
Packing height (mm) 67
Gross packing weight (kg) 0,296

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