Dinuy introduces new Impulse Relays and Contactor to control the LED lighting

In response to issues identified when using LED technology in lighting installations, we have introduced new features with a new 16 A relay to control the high starting peaks that certain loads may have. These new references guaranty optimal performance in applications with LED technologies.

Unlike conventional contactors, the coil of the impulse relays does not remain under tension. This means there is no permanent energy consumption, achieving highly energy-efficient control solutions. In addition, their low noise level, makes them suitable for installations in residential environments, such as hotel rooms, offices, classes, corridors and hospitals.

The main difference between the two impulse relays lies in the format and installation. One is designed for junction boxes (TE UNI 226), while the other is intended for DIN rail installation (TE DIN 220), making it optimal for applications where the central electrical cabinet is more appropriate.

20 Amps. Bipolar Contactor

Another new product launched at the same time is this 20 A bipolar contactor. This new item can be combined with other DINUY devices from different families such as detectors, timers, or time switches. This combination allows for higher power control in LED lamps and is especially recommended when using low breaking power devices.

Applications for using this new product are in tertiary and industrial environments for the control of lighting, heating, ventilation, motors, and pumps. This contactor contributes to efficient energy management in installations that require higher breaking power.

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