DINUY is pleased to announce the launch of the new KNX MIX actuator IR KNT 044

DINUY is pleased to announce the launch of the new KNX MIX actuator IR KNT 044. This is the latest addition to our wide range of multifunction Actuators. This new model combines dimming and switching outputs along with analogue and binary inputs.

This innovative IR KNT 044 multifunction actuator from DINUY is designed to be able to control different functions such as lighting, blinds and climate control from the same device.

It has 4 switching outputs, which can function to control 4 independent loads, or 2 blinds/shutters, or air conditioning, or a fan coil. In addition, it includes another 4 dimming outputs, which allow the control of RGBW or single color LED Strips.

It is also equipped with 12 Inputs, 4 of which are Binary or Analogue with a cable length of 10m and another 8 Binary Inputs with a cable length of 200 m.

These Binary Inputs can be connected to conventional pushbuttons, motion detectors with voltage-free contact, door/window contacts, alarms, etc. As for the Analog Inputs, their use is intended for temperature measurement using external probes, from our range (ST KNT 001 and ST KNT 002.).

All functions can also be controlled from the front panel which is very useful for initial testing purposes.

This innovative actuator with up to 8 output channels and 12 input channels, has been designed to provide complete solutions from a single KNX device, able to control hotel rooms, apartments, offices, restaurants, shops, etc.

KNX is a standard for home and building automation that is based on a bus system allowing different devices to communicate and exchange data with each other. KNX can be used to control multiple devices and loads such as lights, blinds, and temperature controllers, and can also be integrated with other systems such as security and audio/video. KNX systems can be controlled both locally, via wall-mounted controllers or mobile apps, or remotely, via a web interface or other external devices

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