DINUY creates its BIM library Catalog with more than 50 products

We launches our new BIM digital library comprising of more than 50 products to contribute to the design of construction and architectural projects. 

BIM (Building Information Modelling), is a real-time collaborative work system, whose main objective is the creation and management of a construction project. Its objective is to centralize all the Project information in a digital information model created by all its agents and allows to speed up the installation design process digitaly. Apart from this, this digital catalogue is offered in a format through which it always has the same standardized information content, which can be used for several purposes, such as geometry for spacing calculations, power and safety ratings, declarations of conformity with standards, etc. 

The BIM advantages go far beyond the planning and design phases, covering the entire life cycle of the building. Thanks to the data inside the BIM files, the registration of each component is much more efficient, improving accesibility, responsibility and project management, having the whole control of all phases of the project. 

This is one more step on our digitalization and collaboration strategy with professionals who increasingly rely on this tool and digital BIM catalogues to create their “green buildings”. 

This BIM library is focused on construction companies, architecture studios, engineering firms, and professionals in the construction process, among more than 50 products, incoporates the new line of Black, Silver and White color PIR detectors so that you can find the most suitable design to match your interior . 

“Dinuy transforms itself, to help create sustainable buildings for the future with its BIM Catalogue”. 

You can find it by click on this link BIM content of leading manufacturers | MEPcontent and Trimble

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