Motion Detector Ceiling Mounting – DM TEC 004

Motion Detector Ceiling Mounting


  • Flush Ceiling mounted,PIR technology motion detector.
  • Can be installed with Slave Motion Detectors (up to 15 DM SEN T03), allowing to expand the coverage area.
  • Lighting control depending on the movement and natural light.
  • Time delay and brightness level are adjustable by pontentiometer or remote control (EM MAN DM0). Sensitivity by remote control.
  • Possibility to memorized the brightness level by remote control.
  • Coverage of 360º & Ø7m, at 2,5m of high.
  • Zero crossing point technology to protect the contacts of the relay and manage high loads.
  • Valid for all type of lamps, including LED and Fluorescent.
  • Admits contactor.
  • Application Examples: ofices, hotels, etc.

Technical Features

Referencia DM TEC 004 DM SEN T03
Type 1 channel Eslave sensor
Assembly Flush Ceiling
Power supply 230V~ 50Hz
Max. Load Incandescence y230V Halogens 3.000W
VLT Halogens (ferromagnetic) 2.400W
VLT Halogens (electronic) 3.000W
Fluorescence 1.300W (130µF)
Compact Fluorescence 18x7W, 12x11W, 10x15W, 10x20W, 10x23W
LEDs 400W
Connection Admits contactor
Coverage 360º in Ø7m (máx) at 2,5m of high
Time 5sec ~ 10min
Luminosity From 3 ~ 100Luxon
Sensibility Adjustable by remote control
Operation temperature -10ºC – +40ºC
Consumption <1W
Protection rate IP40
Eslave DM SEN T03


Wiring Diagram



DM SEN T03 – Slave Movement Detector:

  • Flush ceiling Slave Motion Detector.
  • It allows to extend the covered area installing several sensors.
  • RJ11 Phone connection, which simplify the installation.
  • Possibility to connect up to 14 slave sensor to a single master detector.
  • Includ a 5,5m wired.
  • Timing and brightness level adjustable via potentiometers or remote control (EM MAN DM0). Sensitivity adjustable by remote control.
  • EM MAN DM0 – IR Remote Control for Parameters Adjustment:
  • Allowing adjustment of: Time Delay and Brightness.
  • 3 advantajes:
    • Save time in the installation.
    • Same adjustment for all motion detector of the same Installation.
    • Cancel potentiometer control which prevents unwanted manipulations.

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