Constant Light Control – RE DMS 001

Constant Light Control for 1/10v Control Gears


  • Energy saving system for fluorescence installations: the user selects the desired light level, and automatically, the system takes care of dimming the level of the ballasts depending on the daylight
  • It can operate with or without movement detector
  • Consists of 2 elements:
    • Sensor: Flush mount sensor to be installed on the ceiling. Incorporates the light sensor and the movement detector
    • Control: Can be assembled on the false ceiling, connected to the sensor
  • 1-10Vdc output signal to control the electronic ballasts
  • Incorporates an output relay to disconnect physically the ballasts Configuration by its own potentiometers or by remote control (CO REG R05)

Technical Features

RE DMS 001
Power supply 230V~ 50Hz
Consumption 2W
Load capacity Up to 80 dimmable electronic ballasts 1/10V
Relay operating voltage 250VAC
Relay cutout capacity 16A
Max. absorption current 500mA
Max. injection current 40mA
Coverage area 360º -Ø6m at 2,4m high
Motion sensors 15 (DM SEN T03)
Brightness level 100 – 1000Lux
Time delay 10 – 30min
Sensor dimensions Ø65mm
Control dimensions 107 x 53 x 34mm
Weight 205g
Working temperature 0º ~ +40ºC
Storage temperature -10º ~ +45ºC
Protection degree IP20 according to UNE 20324
In accordance with Standard EN 60730


Wiring Diagram

With motion detector / Without motion detector


CO REG R05 – IR Remote Control for settings adjustment: It allows re-adjusting the programming of the day and night light points without the need to access to the ceiling, as well as, to make a manual dimming in a centain moment.

AC DMS 001 – Accessory for Manual Control: It allows manual control of the RE DMS DA1 from a switch (to selecto between automatic or manual mode) and a pushbuitton (to manually dim or switch).

DM SEN T03 – Slave Motion Sensor: Allows extending the coverage area of the motion detection cover with a single RE DMS DA1

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