Dinuy has developed the solution to all these undesired situation, the device is the AC DM- 003, an innovating product that make the LED lamps turn OFF completely.

This device allows absorbing leakage currents which normally keep the LED lamps, LED Downlights, panels and LED FIXTURES ON.

The main two problems this device solves are:

– Residual ON due to the LED lamps and fixtures or to the installation of LIGTHED switches or push buttons.

– Undesired blinks in the lamps.

Thanks to this device, we achieve to remove these leakage currents and consequently the LED LAMPS will be completely OFF when trying to switch them off.

Comparing this solution with some other articles in the market, our device has the following advantages.

– It is installed in parallel with one of the lamps in the circuit and only one single item per circuit.

– It adapts the leakage current level in each installation to remove them.

– It has no own consumption as it only acts in standby.

– It does not affect to the power factor of the lamps. This condition is very important as all the LED lamp manufacturers take special care in trying to keep it as close as possible to 1.

– It has a safety encapsulation to avoid accidental burns.

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