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Wireless Doorchimes

Kits: Pushbutton + Doorchime
• Pushbutton and doorchime kit
• 32 different tunes

• 100 or 200 metres transmitting range
• Supply: batteries or 230V~

Extra Doorchimes
• It allows to have several doorchimes with one or more pushbuttons
• 32 different tunes

• Supply: batteries or 230V~

Wall Mounting Doorchimes
• Wall mounting electronic models
• Can be activated by wired or wireless pushbuttons
Extra Transmitters
• Allows activating one doorchime with several pushbuttons
• Supply: Lithium cell

Call Extenders
• Activates a wireless doorchime through a conventional doorbell or an intercom system
• Supply: Lithium cell

Movement Detector
• Activates a wireless doorchime when detects movement
• Based on PIR technology

• Battery-operated

• 32 melodies for Wireless Doorchimes


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Home / Doorchimes / Wireless Doorchimes

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