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CO KNX 001

CO KNX 001:

• Communication interface between DINUY dimmers and wireless compatible sensors.
• At the moment that receives a RF signal from a sensor it transmits the order to the dimmers, being possible
  to regulate any type of load, thanks to the wide range of available dimmers.
• Includes the signal repeater function.
• Installation in DIN-rail.
RC KNX 001 Bien

RC KNX 001:

• Remote control for light and shutters/blinds control.
• Five different channels and five different scenes.
• Switches ON/OFF and Dims the lighting.
• Saves and recovers scenes
• 5 channels
RC KNX 001, portable KNX pushbutton

PU KNX 001:

• Switch ON/OFF & Toggle: connects, disconnects or switches the linked actuator. It sends ON/OFF/Toggle depending on the configuration.
• Dimmer: connects, disconnects or dims the linked actuator. It sends ON/OFF/Toggle or Dimming_Up / Dimming_Down depending on the configuration.
• Blinds/Shutters: controls a linked blind actuator. It sends Step_Up/Step_Down or Move_Up / Move_Down depending on the configuration.
• Scenes: saves and recovers one scene (0...4) depending on the configuration.
EM KNX 002

EM KNX 002:

• One channel interface for 2-fold pushbutton.
• Switch ON/OFF: Connects or disconnects the linked actuator. On or Off is sent depending on which of  
   the two buttons is pressed.
• Save and recovers two different secenes.
• Installation in standard mechanisim box.
• Comunicación por Radiofrecuencia (KNX- RF), sin necesidad de apuntar a un receptor.
• Different modes control: Dimming, Blinds control and Scenes.
AM KNX 001

AM KNX 001:

• RF signal repeater. It enlarges the range between transmitters and actuators.
• Up to 3 consecutive units can be used in the same installation.
• Compatible with: any KNX-RF signal.


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